End of school year show

We had a wonderful end of year show presenting the musical "The little red train", a special musical made for our school in partnership with the American Children's Theatre based on the story of "The Little Train that could". Thank you to all the teaching team who worked hard to prepare the show and to all the children who were magnificent!

Sports day fun 2019 !

Our annual family picnic and sports day was very well attended and we were so lucky with the weather after a very rainy June. Well done to all our participants including all the dads and mums who took part in the races including the egg and spoon as well as the sack races. 

Memories of music day

Thanks to all the children from both our Children's House (3-6) and our elementary school who joined in with our music day.

A special shout out to Thomas, our stagiaire for playing the drums!

Mother's day present!

1st year children in our Children's House (3-6 class) were very proud after making these gorgeous picture frames for their mummies!

Busy at work in our Children's House (3-6 Montessori classroom)

Our pupils have been very busy at work over this first half of the year. It's been a joy to observe them.

Learning about why we must have a growth mindset

Children in our elementary (6-12) class enjoyed a special afternoon learning about the brain with a specialist in neurocognition. 


After learning about the different parts of the brain, they explored how a 'growth mindset' is really the only way to think about one's brain....that is that we are all capable...and may not know everything 'yet'...but with practice, mistakes and challenging our brain, we an achieve what we set our mind to.

Food and nutrition workshops

Pupils in our elementary (6-12) class have recently been exploring materials related to learning about balanced nutrition and how to put together a healthy shopping list.   

Carnival Day !

We had a wonderful parade for carnival day. Thank you to all the parents and children for dressing up in their fantastic 'human body' related costumes. Many of the different medical professions were represented...doctors, dentists, surgeons, nurses...and several teeth and skeletons joined us also along with parents for our 'skeleton dance'!.

We are so grateful!

Children in our elementary (6-12) class spent time to share all the things that they are grateful for.


We respect the Theme of thanksgiving by making this a day of giving thanks. 


We also shared a lovely meal together.

Christmas show fun!

We were treated to a lovely Christmas show on the penultimate day of the Winter term. Pupils in our elementary (6-12) class put on 'The little Christmas tree' and children from our Children's House (3-6 class) sang and danced as snowflakes. Thank you for a lovely show and to all parents for helping to clean up at the end.

Happy 2018 United Nations Day!

The United Nations was created to "preserve peace, advance justice and constitute a permanent structure for international cooperation." It acts as a world forum to help countries work together to achieve peace and human rights. 


We believe that we can adhere to many of the values associated with the creation of the United Nations within our small but culturally diverse school community. For example, we support positive, peaceful and collaborative play and work in the playground and in the classroom. We actively learn techniques for resolving conflict when it arises including learning how to recognise our own emotions as well as the emotions of others. 


Every October, we come together to celebrate United Nations day by sharing food from different regions and cultures.  We use this wonderful opportunity to celebrate the diversity and richness that each and everyone of us brings to our community thanks to being part of different cultures. Thank you to all the parents and children who went to great lengths to allow our pupils to explore a "taste of different food cultures"!


....some of the food cultures represented this year included... Italy, Norway, Holland, United Kingdom, Turkey, Algeria, Poland, France, Bavarian region of Germany, Iran, Spain, USA, Morocco, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland, Australia ….representing the countries or regions where our pupils and/or their parents are originally from.

Nurse Carla describes her job!

In keeping with our theme on the human body, we were excited to welcome Carla, a local nurse who visited our school yesterday. She showed us some of the equipment she uses with her patients during her house visits and also demonstrated how she bandages up an injured person.


We look forward to experimenting with some of the bandage kits she gave us to help us to improve our bandaging techniques!

Exploring the human body

We are looking forward to exploring "this is my body" during this school year as our core annual theme.


We will be inviting people who look after our bodies (and minds) to come to visit us and to tell us (and show us) about their work. 


A big thank you to Damien's family for the generous gift of a new skeleton!

Welcoming families of 2018/2019 and a day of peace !

It has been wonderful to invite all of our pupils back to school for an exciting 2018-2019 school year. 


We enjoyed seeing many families old and new at our back to school BBQ last week.


Our theme for the year is the human body and health. In keeping with this theme, some of our pupils made a cut-out paper chain of themselves in celebration of peace day today!

Everyone shared their view on what peace meant to them including 'friendship', 'helping others' and 'armistice'.  HAPPY PEACE DAY!


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